Feel like a good laugh today?

This video always has me in stitches… Women: Know your Limits

I wish I was half as clever as the lady in this video – have to confess, I know nothing about the Gold Standard. In fact I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly ditsy in my “old age”. Blame it on Mommy Brain.

I’ve done some crazy things lately. We searched for an entire weekend for the TV remote. My husband found it in the fridge that Sunday night. Amazingly, none of us thought to look there, I’ve left a few odd things in the fridge since about half way through my pregnancy. Along with things in cupboards that were destined for the fridge.

My latest crowning moment was when I tried to iron one of my husbands shirts with a cold iron. The funny part was that I was finding ironing really hard work, pressing harder and harder. I commented to my husband that this must be one of those crinkle-look shirts. I was just starting to say “this iron even seems cold” when I glanced at the plug and noticed it was out. I laughed so hard the tears were rolling down my cheeks.

You see it was little old me who suggested we unplug the iron just a few minutes before this incident, when the electricity went off due to overload.

Well… at least we have a gorgeous kitty cat for me to stroke… (if you’ve watched the video, you’ll know what I mean.)

 Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.
Elsa Maxwell, September 28, 1958

Interestingly, some researchers are finding Moms may actually be growing bigger brains in the first few months of their babies life… Have a read of this article.  Or this article.
There’s hope for us all. 😉

And… if this is true, imagine how big the brains are of women with many kids! Respect – Mamas!

Has your brain also gone to mush since you’ve become a Mom?
Share your Mommy brain stories below…

Wife, Mother, Writer

Like many women these days, I’ve walked down a number of different career paths in my life.

Aerobics Instructor, Copywriter, Personal Assistant by morning, Au Pair by afternoon, Waitress by night, Aromatherapist, Restaurant Manageress, Network Marketer, Head of Network Marketing, Freelance Journalist, Sales Executive, Customer Relationship Executive.

I’ve worked for myself, I’ve worked for small companies, and I’ve worked for large Corporates. I’ve worked from home, in company offices, full time, part time, flexi time, freelance, remotely. I’ve travelled across country for some jobs and internationally for one. I’ve held down 3 jobs at a time.

And now here I am, where I always dreamed I would be… a Wife, Mother, and Writer. Blessed with a wonderful husband, a gorgeous bonus daughter, and an adorable little boy of our own.

Wife, Mother, Writer… my new career. Life is beautiful. I get to work from home sweet home, play a lot more than I work, and most days include a glorious morning and evening walk and a lunchtime siesta. Bliss! I get to enjoy more family time than ever, and have more friends than ever before. At least once a week, I get to enjoy coffee and cake with friends. Aah, the sweet life. And to top it all, I get to witness Ben’s marvellous unfolding, hear his giggles and applaud his progress.

These past couple of years have, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best years of my life.

Which is why it astounds me to realise just how much WORK has actually taken place during this time.

I had no idea how FULL TIME motherhood would be. In the back of my mind I knew Mothers were on call 24-7, and worked pretty hard, and slept very little. It didn’t quite dawn on me that I’ve have a new boss (or two, or three…) cracking the whip. Or that I’d be doing a hundred jobs at once. While drawing from the experience of every job I’ve ever had.

20 jobs spring to mind… all of these jobs I fulfill as a Mother. (Don’t get me started on the jobs I fulfill as a Wife & Writer. A post for another day.)
Kindergarten Teacher
Motivational Speaker
Massage Therapist
Minister/Spiritual Guide
Personal Trainer
Sports Fan
Event manager
Party planner
and… Horse

Fortunately my husband, after a full day’s work-work to bring home the bacon, also magically transforms into a Driver, Shopper and Chef (yep, it’s Daniel who fries up the eggs and bacon he brings home – every morning).

On top of these he is our Electrician, Plumber, Handy Man, Rugby Coach, Golf Coach, Soccer Coach, Cricket Coach, Cycling coach, Gardener, Pool Guy and… Horse. I told you he was wonderful, didn’t I?

Hang on a minute…it’s not just us as parents who are juggling multiple jobs. I’ve noticed Benjamin fancies himself in a number of careers already. In any one day, he can be a:
Scrambler (Dirt Bike Rider), Artist, Runner, Fireman, Cyclist, Paramedic, Receptionist, Cook, Rugby Player, Sweeper, Baker, Golfer, Doctor, Shopper, Handyman, Gardener, Singer, Actor…and he told me the other day, he wants to be a Ballerina! Ben also gives out a heap of instructions every day, which is of course what makes him THE BOSS.

Reminds me of a line from our all time favourite Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go: “Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.”

What has been your experience of motherhood? What jobs do you find yourself doing on a daily basis?  I’d love to hear…

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