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7 Important Life Lessons I Learn Everyday from Benjamin

IMG_20151030_1856091. Benjamin teaches me Patience… on our morning or evening walks Ben can sit on his little black bike for what feels like ages, waiting for cars to go by, so that he can have the speedbumps all to himself… and then what fun he has flying over them.

2. Benjamin teaches me to Pay Attention…if there’s one thing a toddler needs, it’s their parent’s or caregiver’s undivided attention. If I’m distracted and not paying Ben enough attention, he will make sure I know all about it!

3. Benjamin teaches me how to Go with the Flow. His young life is not ruled by time, schedules, rules and regulations. The first thing on his mind in the morning is not coffee, breakfast, getting ready for work, missing the traffic… but play. Nature is calling – and not in the way we mean it.

4. Benjamin teaches me that Joy Really is in the Journey & Not the Destination. We can start out on a walk to the beach, but if the garden along the way seems more appealing today, he’ll simply play there. The beach forgotten. No biggie.

5. Benjamin teaches me to Stop and Smell the Roses…or daisies or dandelions… to look, really look at the world & its beauty. To delight in the little things. To hear the birds tweeting, the planes overhead, the motor bikes in the distance. He doesn’t miss a thing.

Ben teaches me to Slow it down. Spend time in nature. Run. Play. Jump. Skip. Here & now is all that matters. Don’t miss this moment. Be. Here. Now.

6. Benjamin teaches me How to Get Over Pain. Fast. He demonstrates that when you hurt yourself, or someone hurts you by accident, all you need to do is have a good cry (sometimes), seek comfort & then dust yourself off. Forget about it, never mention it again. It’s over. No need to hold grudges or relate the tale to anyone.

Wow, imagine if we lived like that as adults.

7. Benjamin teaches me to Laugh at Life. Ben laughs, giggles and chortles at life & at himself. All day long. He whoops with joy. His sentences are coloured with hoorays, yippees and wows. Yeah!

7 thoughts on “7 Important Life Lessons I Learn Everyday from Benjamin”

  1. Aw Su, thanks for your lovely compliment. Yes, my book is on the joy of breastfeeding. My aim is to inspire more Moms to breastfeed.

  2. Hello Lauren,

    had to take a few minutes to leave you a comment today. What a lovely site you have started here. The joys you have shared of being a mother and mother to your little Benjamin is a testament to the beauty and profound sense of life that comes with sharing life with our precious little ones.

    While it must be quite the juggling act, writing your book while writing for your blog and caring for your little guy, I expect you will be doing great things once your book is ready to be published.

    I especially appreciated the article you have put up to ‘sleep sharing” from Dr. Sears. Its wonderful. Detailed and heartfelt every single parent should read this, his study, the ‘professional parents’ that have left him feedback, its all a great contribution.

    Thank you for taking your love and joy and spreading some of it out for others, for me, from which we can all benefit. Being a parent is the most honorable job of any one takes on and your understanding of this is wonderful to experience. I’ll be back to check in and see what other great things you get posted.


    1. Aw…Linda…thank you so much for taking the time to read the posts and pages I’ve added so far. So glad you enjoyed them. Appreciate your compliments.
      As you know, I thoroughly enjoyed your website too & am in awe of the incredible work you are doing. Hope you don’t mind me sharing your link:

  3. Hi La! I absolutely love this post! It’s incredible how our little boys teach us all those things. It’s beautiful. I love the way you’ve written it. Well done 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of your future posts. Xxxx

  4. Lauren, you are an inspiration!
    I am overjoyed that you are chasing your passion and getting an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with the world!
    I look forward to exploring the website.

    Best of luck my friend x

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