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7 Classic Conversations with my Cutie Pie

Kid’s say the darndest things, don’t they?

I’ve started recording some of the gorgeous chats I’ve had with young Benjamin lately, because I want to keep these gems forever.

Here are a few recent conversations:

  1. My heart melted when Benjamin piped up the other day, “Mommy, you’re my Best Friend!”  Just before it could go to my head, I overheard him telling his toys with just as much emphasis, “Lightning McQueen, you’re my Best Friend! Green quad bike, you’re my Best Friend!  Well, at least I rank right up there with his favourite toys.
  2. I arrive home with a few groceries, and Ben says: “Mom, have you got a ‘prise for me.” (His word for surprise). I take a little packet of mini biscuits out the shopping bag, and he says with disgust, “That’s not a ‘prise, that’s biscuits!” I explain that I only went to the grocery store for a couple of things, and ask, “What kind of surprise were you hoping for?” Ben says: “I’ll give you a clue… a motor bike!” Of course he means the toy variety (thank heavens).
  3. During a feed, while Ben is swopping from one side to the other, he pauses just long enough to say, “Duuuhlicious!
  4. Ben wakes up in the morning, and I can see he’s in deep thought, so I ask him what he’s thinking about and he says, “Mommy’s milk.
  5. We get in the car after a trip to the shopping mall, and I ask Ben if he’s tired.  He says, “No, I not tired, I just happy. Mommy, you make me sooo happy.” 
  6. Ben has a short coughing fit. Concerned that he might be choking on something, I ask if he’s okay. He says, nonchalantly I fine. I just coughing.
  7. On our walks, Benjamin has picked up my habit of looking out for cars when crossing the road. I find it so adorable when he says, “Careful Mommy, there’s a car coming.

Would love to hear some of your children’s classic gems…  please go ahead and leave a comment.

(Update 16/01/2016)
Today’s classic gem from Benjamin: “I can do anything I do… because I’m a boy!”


Feel like a good laugh today?

This video always has me in stitches… Women: Know your Limits

I wish I was half as clever as the lady in this video – have to confess, I know nothing about the Gold Standard. In fact I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly ditsy in my “old age”. Blame it on Mommy Brain.

I’ve done some crazy things lately. We searched for an entire weekend for the TV remote. My husband found it in the fridge that Sunday night. Amazingly, none of us thought to look there, I’ve left a few odd things in the fridge since about half way through my pregnancy. Along with things in cupboards that were destined for the fridge.

My latest crowning moment was when I tried to iron one of my husbands shirts with a cold iron. The funny part was that I was finding ironing really hard work, pressing harder and harder. I commented to my husband that this must be one of those crinkle-look shirts. I was just starting to say “this iron even seems cold” when I glanced at the plug and noticed it was out. I laughed so hard the tears were rolling down my cheeks.

You see it was little old me who suggested we unplug the iron just a few minutes before this incident, when the electricity went off due to overload.

Well… at least we have a gorgeous kitty cat for me to stroke… (if you’ve watched the video, you’ll know what I mean.)

 Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.
Elsa Maxwell, September 28, 1958

Interestingly, some researchers are finding Moms may actually be growing bigger brains in the first few months of their babies life… Have a read of this article.  Or this article.
There’s hope for us all. 😉

And… if this is true, imagine how big the brains are of women with many kids! Respect – Mamas!

Has your brain also gone to mush since you’ve become a Mom?
Share your Mommy brain stories below…